Privacy Policy

We at 1 Hour Instant Cash Loans strictly follow our privacy policy– not sharing of borrowers’ information with a third party.

Whatever information you provide us is used only for negotiating loan deal. After getting you the loan, we keep your information stored in a folder. We do get requests for sharing of borrowers’ information for marketing purposes, but we strongly reject such offers.

We survive on the basis of customer service. Never ever we will do a thing that affects our customers. If our customers obtain affected due to our wrongful act, we will be affected in turn. Our business is based on trust. We will never lose customers’ trust for a few bucks. We are seriously interested in our core business only.

We are one of the oldest players of the monetary market. We will never do a thing that has the potential spoil our brand name. We protect borrowers’ information as our own. We take a number of measures to protect it from falling into wrong hands. Our system uses all the latest software including Internet security. Out IT department continuously maintains our site. All the software is upgraded at regular intervals. Hacking of our site is a tough task. Till date, it has never happened. Borrowers’ data are segregated in different folders. Unfortunately, if somebody succeeds in breaking into our security wall, all the data won’t be vulnerable.

Additionally, when your approved data is saved with the system, it processes your application right away when you registered for loan again in future. As a result, you get faster service. You are also advised not to share your log information with anybody. If you do so, your account will become vulnerable. If you suffer loss due to unauthorized access your account, you alone will be responsible for your loss. Our job is to warn you in advance. Furthermore, you can also disable cookies at our site. We keep that open to you. It helps to protect the system from malicious attacks.